The Seafarers component of Bahamas On-line Registration Information System (BORIS) was developed and made available for use to parties (Registered Owners and ISM Managers, or their duly authorized Managing Agents, of Bahamian registered vessels) who satisfied the BMA’s established criteria, including the signing of a user agreement and establishment of an agreed financial arrangement.

BORIS registered users are able to securely submit applications electronically, via the web, for Bahamas Flag State Endorsements , Seaman Record Books, Ship Security Officer, Offshore and other relevant training and proficiency certificates on behalf of seafarers who are employed or intended to be employed onboard Bahamian registered ships.

The main aim of BORIS is to provide enhanced customer service delivery through:
1. 24/7 provision of the Confirmation Receipt of Application (CRA) for Flag State Endorsement for Certificate of Competency for Navigation, Engineering , GMDSS Officers and Tanker;
2. 24/7 provision of the letter acknowledging receipt of applications for all other training and proficiency documents not included in (1) above;
3. increased accuracy and greater reliability of seafarers data recognising that this data will be entered by the user;
4. active monitoring/tracking of application by the user through a web-based system;
5. improved financial control noting that one of the conditions for the access to the system is the establishment of a credit account or an agreed financial arrangement with the BMA;
6. ability for multi-users within a Company;
7. environmentally friendly solution through the electronic submission of documents
Any parties seeking to submit applications using BORIS must register using the link.

If you wish to verify the validity or authenticity of a Bahamas issued Certificate of Competency, Bahamas Flag State Endorsement, Seaman Record Book or other seafarer document issued by the BMA, please use the search facility below.
Records will only be displayed on the basis that all the minimum specified information is provided. If there is a negative result for a record and the document was issued prior to February 2012, please contact the BMA Seafarers and Manning Department:

The Bahamas Maritime Authority Hong Kong Branch is now "Bahamas Maritime Authority (HK) Ltd".
The new bank account details can be found at the bottom of the invoice. Please refer to Bulletin 81 for full bank details.
Seafarer Document Verification

Seafarer Document Verification



Name Date of Birth Status Cetificate Type Certificate Number Issued Date Expiry Date